60 Second Trading Strategy

Opinions about 60 second trading strategy are mixed. Some brokers are willing to concede that trading 60 second trading can be a viable strategy for profiting on your trades under certain types of market conditions, while others tend to view them more as tools that can be useful for trading rather than a strategy for lowering risk.

At its most basic level, a 60 second trading strategy involves using the ability to trade an asset that is in the midst of a reversal or change in pricing direction to profit from its movement multiple times within a set period of time. This trading strategy is most beneficial when very short reversals occur in the midst of an otherwise strong trend.

Investors who rely on 60 second trades as a strategy in its own right typically do so when the market is choppy and the price of an asset has become unpredictable. This is because with a 60 second trade you only have to be correct about the movement of a price over a very short span of time. When used properly, a 60 second trading strategy can make it possible to place multiple winning trades based on short reversals to turn a profit in instances where longer-term trades would be likely to be unsuccessful.

Trading Charts

The image here gives an illustration of a time when 60 second trading would be a smart strategy for an investor. The price of this asset has been raging, making it hard for investors to bet on any particular price movement, and there are no external factors that could be used to predict price movement. When a movement in price became evident, the trader seized the moment and made numerous put  trades with 60 second expiration periods in a row. The investor continued on until the price approached the strike price and it seemed likely that the movement would shift. This particular investor was able to win 7 out of 10 of their trades and was likely able to end up with a profit when losses were subtracted from the provided payouts from those eight successful trades.


While 60 second trades can allow you to make some winning decisions with trading on occasions where you would otherwise be likely to lose your investment, it’s important that you employ this trading strategy with care. You’ll need to carefully monitor your cash flow and avoid getting caught up in the action and over investing. Remember that the risk involved with trading is always high; you should never invest more than you can afford to lose on any one trade.

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